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The Emperor of Bohemia...

By: GuiltyPleasure

Page 1, Light hearted and short, These days I am smiling and blushing too much, now this kind of odd behavior is giving funny type of misunderstandings to my guy friends and associates (outside the internet)No yaar! Lets assume, these smiles are meant for the emperor of Bohemia… May God grant peace to the restless.. So welcome to the Kingdom…

(it is rumored that the emperor has very strange pets and he likes apples)


The Emperor Of Bohemia***


All right, Emperor, you can have your way

You can have my allegiance throughout the day

Now hold me please in your porcelain eyes..


Whats the world---- a medley of voices

But I hear yours, above all the rest

So may the sun keep splashing gold on your crown

May my cheeks keep blushing.. red in your reflections…


And may my lips keep straight while smiling internally!








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