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It's Deep Late At Night And I'm Drowning

Poetry By: High School Poet

My first poem I'll be uploading. If it's any guess, I wrote it one night when I couldn't really sleep and was feeling rather frustrated at everything. I appreciate any advice or constructive criticism you have, and if you comment I will try to the best of my abilities to repay the favor! All in all, I really do just hope you enjoy it a tiny bit!

Submitted:May 8, 2011    Reads: 50    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

It's Deep Late At Night And I'm Drowning

Dying, I'm dying

This world is a system,

And the system don't like what it's hearing

And I'm losin' the war on confusion

Cause all you damn people have the same damn excuse

Words mispronounced, no disclaimer of course

So quit your complaining and have another

And I know it's another proper inclination for sober elation

But you always have to have another drink

Dying, I'm dying, Don't you know it's called dying

Like you a lot, I forgot the I

Guess that I means I should go back to college and die

And I'm living a life of deep sacrifice

Falling for you so others can pick up the slack

And I love when you're silly and talk about love

Cause then I can tell you to shut the hell up (you don't know)

And you never feel good when I kiss you goodnight

But you feelin' alright to have all these fights, so why don't you sneak another bite?

And I could never reveal all this passion and zeal,

To be anything more than a surefire ploy to get another meal

And I'm living a life of deep sacrifice

Falling for you so others can pick up the slack

Fear of the night is the fear of delight

And it hurts all the people you choose to excite

And I caught all the flies on disease and desire

Maybe now you'll tell me why you're such a nasty liar

Sincere in your boast, want to make me feel shitty

It's too late girl, I already know my life is your pity

And the tissues swept up like misplaced issues

Cry all your pains to get rid of the stains and ignore proper, mental gain

The days are too long and the weeks are too short

If you can suck me off maybe I won't blast off my head

And you know what they say about crickets and gays

One is a fag and the other makes too much noise

Dying, I'm dying, Don't you know it's called dying

Clouded in judgment and corrupted in justice

That is a cruel punishment, my good sir fusses

Life is so pointless, but death has a purpose

Does that give your living a reason, no, not unless you're a reaper

And you know what they say about jesters and clay

A jester can make you-and so can a ball of clay

Spend it; strings untied reveal the deep inside

Living your existence to only incite such claims

Inspiration you say comes from truth but it ain't

How it seems so please feel free to pass to more widely accepted dreams

Behind all the coral is a defied sense of calm

If ya bleed I promise I won't send ya home

To forget all those days back in hell

Where you said that you loved me just enough to be well

Dying, I'm dying, Don't you know it's called dying

And time don't believe what it already perceives

Cause anything clear is deceiving for sure

And I kill people who sleep next to bibles,

Saying they'll save 'em while they live another day on the streets

And you know what they say about those pretty little bastards

If I catch one today I can trade flesh for a nickel

Jesus could make what he wanted to make

Too bad a better model wasn't what he ached for

Then what I suppose can you lose from devoting

All your time to the message even though it's so bloated, I'm not sure

A penny for bread crumbs, see she's getting there though

It's deep late at night and she's drowning for sure

Dying; It's too often spelled with Ending

And in fact I'm a looney for thinking too truly;

Oh but I've seen too much to be branded as such

So look out below for what's coming up

It's endearingly early and I'm killing for money, so look out babe (I got your name)

And just consider these riddles I spoke unto you (you don't know)

It's deep late at night and I'm drowning, too


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