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Into The Dark Abyss (Once You've Been Taken)

By: Hinoglue

Page 1, Smoke rises with, ash, spark, and flame...

Smoke rises with,
Ash, spark, and flame,
Gone with a whisper,
Alone she came,
Fueled by darkness,
Profound, deathly shame

Put into deep misery,
Theft of the soul,
Once you have been Taken,
Never shall you be whole,
For the Taker,
Is out of your control

She shall cast desolation,
No light on you will shine,
All the terror she brings upon,
She’ll be sure to cross the line,
And not only to your inner self,
Your body she shall confine

Never again,
Shall you roam free,
Trapped with her forever,
For eternity,
To do nothing is what you will,
As she shall dismiss your plea

Then she shall watch,
With pleasure, with bliss,
Rotting on your own,
Until you no longer exist,
When you mutter your last words,
And fall into the dark abyss

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