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By: hollydar

Page 1, How I felt about my Riverside Home

My riverside home on the Norfolk Broads

Is a wonderful place to be

I don't need silver I don't need gold

Just the river that runs to the sea.

The beautiful sight of swans in full flight

The boats with sails reaching the sky

As I wonder each day at the sunsets

I think - "how lucky am I?"

From the break of the dawn, I just ponder

At the beauty there is to behold

The birds, the ducks and the wildlife

Give to me riches untold

I stare at the frost in the Winter

It glistens like diamonds and gems

The shoots of the plants in the Springtime

Bring excitement I hope never ends.

The heat of the day in the Summer

And the chill of an Autumn morn

These seasons of joy cost nothing

But make me so glad I was born.

I am sure that it's nice in Jamaica

And also in Paris and Rome

But at the end of the day

When I kneel and pray

I give thanks for my riverside home


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