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By: hollydar

Page 1, How heroin and drugs can ruin a life


The Devil whispered in my ear

He told me "come this way",

His offer sounded thrilling

So I followed him that day.

It was a day like any other

I felt quiet, peaceful, kind,

But the Devil laughed as he took my soul

And then he ruled my mind.

I was filled with thoughts of murder

My heart turned cold as steel

And as the Devil laughed I raised the knife

And a stranger I did kill.

Now the Devil owned me

Never would we part

And I could hear the Devil laughing

Oh! how the Devil laughed.

In the death cell as I waited,

There to meet myfate,

I could hear the Devil laughing

As they marched me through the gate.

As they put the noose around my neck

I scream to God above

But my soul is lost - so high the cost -

And I can hear the Devil laugh.

If one day you hear him calling

If he tells you "come this way"

Don't say OK - run the other way

Or you will hear the Devil laugh.

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