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A poem about a pair of shoes

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, a poem about a pair of shoes and their whole day with their owner. PLEASE READ

I and my identical twin got out of this small building.

We stepped in a cab and it was really dark under this seat

It smelt leather paint

I thought we both were going to faint.

We step out of car and

Breathe in fresh air

Some people looked at us

Like, we were the best pair.

Our owner is fast

And he started to walk

He is not standing for a second so that

I can see my twin and have a talk

We step in a big room

And our owner sat in a comfy chair

The air conditioner is on

And the room is filling with cold air.

I again tried to talk with my twin

But the owner lifted his leg raising my twin high in air,

He crossed his leg and

I can see my twin hanging in air.

He again step out of his office,

He went to a crowded store

An another member of our family stepped on me,

I cried and started to tap on the floor.

The owner finally reached home so did we.

The owner took me off and threw on the floor,

He did same with my twin,

And threw him close to the door,

Another day passed

And we helped this person to walk

But I feel sad cause he treat us like this every night

And after getting out of the card board box along with my twin

We haven’t talked.



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