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By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Sometimes some father forgets that they got a son, who need his love, a hug, a friend instead of money, a person who just instruct them what to do and what not.

DADDY!!!!!!! Please HUG ME

“Give me that club” I have to pass a different club to my father for different shots even though I don’t like GOLF

“You are going to this party with me” I have to go there with my dad even though I don’t like business parties

“Why you got only B+” he yelled on me not realizing that I have improved and got C last time

“You are going to medical college” I have to study there even though I want to be a writer

“You are wearing this Armani Suit” I have to wear them even though I like myself in casual T’s and jeans

“You are not going out today, cause your uncle is coming home” I have to stay at home even though my girlfriend is waiting for me outside a restaurant.

“Here take it and spend it all” I have to take that money even though I just want him to hug me.

“He is Justin” he introduce me by my name not mentioning that I am his son even though I just want to be his son not “JUSTIN” the owner of 300 million dollars empire.
PLEASE DADDY, HUG ME I am you SON………………………….


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