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Don't Kill my Baby (Abortion)

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Please read if you think that abortion is wrong.

When I was born I didn’t know that some day I will be also giving birth to some one.

I didn’t even know that I would fell in love with some one.

But I did fell in love

I was flying in the sky just like a dove


We shared our feelings

We went out on dates

We kissed and touched

And then we mate


I was innocent and so was he

It wasn’t a crime but it was a mistake

We didn’t know what to do

Because we were afraid


Then one day my mom found out

I was no longer just a daughter

I was carrying a life

And soon I would be a mother


I thought she would understand

I thought she would help

But her heart was made of stone

And it didn’t melt


She took me to the hospital

And asked me to get an abortion

How could I kill my baby?

So I made my decision


I imagined myself becoming a mother

But my dreams and hopes got shattered

When my dad grabbed my hand and

Took me to the operation theater.


They were going to kill my baby

They were going to destroy an unborn life

I was crying and crying

I was falling from sky


My eyes got close

And I lost my baby

The lady with me was not my mom

She was just a lady


My dad was smiling

And telling me “everything will be okay”

And I was crying out loud in my heart

“How everything would be okay?”

“How could I live without my baby?”

“How could I live with the killers or my unborn baby?”

“How could I face the father of my unborn baby?”


They can’t be my parents

They can’t be humans

They can’t be a creation of god

Because they just have killed three lives.


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