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FAKE LOVE by hs4u

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, How could he say that its done? How could he say that it wasn\'t love?

You said you love me

Do you really?

You said you were going to tell me

Do you really?


From the first day

I thought I was the only one

But now seeing you with someone else

Makes my eyes burn


How can you do this to me?

Refusing me under the bright sun

A day ago I was everything for you

Now we are done


Don’t you feel ashamed?

Don’t you feel bad?

I am the girl you wanted every second

And now you are making me sad


I am not a strong girl

On myself, I am feeling pity.

You will never see me again

And I will see you with some other chick in the city.

You can move on

But I can’t

For you it was nothing

For me it was love


Tell me you are just kidding

Tell me for god’s sake

Ok now I understand

It wasn’t love it was fake


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