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I am a cigarette USE ME

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Don\'t think about your family, just use me and die with me.


I’m a cigarette USE ME

I am tall, I am fair

Come on use me dear

I am just a cigarette

Don’t think about that lady in your home

Who is madly and deeply in love with you

Just pick me and use me

Don’t think about your little kid

Who feel protected with you

Just hold me and use me

Don’t think about those who trust you

Just think about me

I know you are addicted to me

So come on leave all of them

And smoke me

Think about me dear

Spend your money on me

Cause I love you

I don’t care ‘how you look physically?’

‘Where you belong?’

‘How old are you?’

I even don’t care if you are a woman or man

Cause I am bi

I like when women hold me in their long fingers

And kiss me

I love your lungs

And I want to fill them with carbon

I want to poison them

I know you know about it

But you don’t care

So if you really don’t care

Then come to me

And use me till death,

Cause you are gonna die soon

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