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By: hotstory4you

Page 1, have you ever thought about your daily belonging like your TV, your BED, your LITTLE LIGHT BULB or most important your ALARM clock....

People are not here it doesn’t mean it’s empty
We also belongs to this room
Yes we, are you listening its we

I am your most important thing
I am your TV
You can’t sleep without spending
Some time with me

I am your bulb
Sometimes when you go out
You forget to switch me off
And for your kind information
I don’t like being so hot

Don’t forget me I am your alarm clock
I seem so small but If I stop working
Your can not wake up at time
I can ruin your day and leave you just crying

I am your bed
With whom you sleep but don’t realize
Your girlfriend/boyfriend would feel jealous
If I will tell them whom do you fantasize

Here we are a lot of us and we can’t describe ourselves
Like its me, its me and its me
But hope one day you will realize
That its we its we its we.


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