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Kids v/s adults

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, A poem about the differences comes in a person after growing from a kid to adult

I used to like cartoons

But now I don’t want to see them any more


I used to run on the street behind ice cream vans

But now I don’t like walking because I have a car


I used to smile with no reason

But now I need a reason to smile


I used to play without caring about my homework

But now all I care is my work


I used to love my bicycle

But now it’s just a piece of iron and junk


I used to share candies with my friends

Btu now I secretly share my colleague’s wives and girl friends


I used to beat my classmates but never said sorry

Now I say sorry even if I accidently and lightly collapse with some one.


I used to be a cute boy/girl

Now I just a person looking for money and power


I used to cry for chocolates and a girl/guy I used to love

Now these things don’t matter to me


I used to be a mama’s boy

Now I don’t care about my mama


I used to help my dad

Now I don’t have a minute to talk to him


I used to love this girl and I am married to her

But now our relationship is just about sharing bed nothing else


I used to be a kid, a sweet kid, a kid everyone loved

But now I am a person crazy about money, power and my reputation.


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