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My girl (sweet prayer)

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, try this when you are having dinner with your girl or man.


A boy and a girl was sitting on dinning table holding hands and boy starts this prayer,


Dear God

You provided me roof

But I can’t live under it without my girl

You provided me comfy bed

But I can’t have sweet dreams without my girl

You provided me food

But I can’t eat anything without my girl

You provided me good clothes

But they don’t worth if she can’t see me

You gave me the best parents in the world

But I can’t live with them if they don’t accept my girl

You gave me a big kind heart

But no use of that if she don’t want to be in my heart.


I am thankful to you to introduce me to her,

And I am thankful to her who realized me that you(GOD) really exist


But I hate you now because I am saying this prayer to you

and it makes her cry so I hate you.

girl stands up from the chair, comes near the boy nudges his shoulder and hugged him saying “I love you” with tears in her eyes.

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