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This one is for my DAD

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, This one is just for my dad, I am not gonna ask you to read this but I am also not gonna ask my dad to read this, I am just writing something for him.


My dad,….

I never told him that how much I love him and how much I respect him.

He is not rich, he don’t own any big company but for me he is the richest one on earth

I never asked him to buy me toys, books, cell phone, or computers

Not because I knew that he can’t afford them but because I never needed them.

When he was little he acted like my toy, made funny faces to make me laugh.

When I grown up a little, he was there to teach me mathematics

When I went to high school his handwritten letter were more precious that hearing his voice over a 300 dollar cell phone

When I went to college, he was there to help me with everything.

I have seen him working hard just for me

I have seen him working overnights just to make my life a little more comfortable

We never had a luxury car but I always like walking with him.

I have cried when he had some heart problem and spend a whole month in the hospital

But I never said “dad I love you”

I guess sometimes its too hard to express your love in words.

But here I am writing this just for you dad, its not for anyone else just for you.

But even now I am not going to tell that I have written something for you

But I am feeling a little happy that I have written something for my “dad”

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