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TV and ME

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Its a poem about the unknown relation between a TV and a person, its sweet, its sad, its funny.

When I first saw it
I liked it, I loved it
I brought it home
I gave it a place in my bedroom
At first it wasn’t much friendly
Then I understood his problem
I did some work with it
It smiled and
Showed me something bright
It taught me science, showing DISCOVERY
It introduced animal showing National Geography
It entertained me showing HBO
Its told me about History showing Fox History
It made me laugh showing POGO
It kept me updated about the world showing BBC
It helped me in lifestyle showing FTV
We spent nights together
Just watching each other
Then it made me cry showing nothing but itself on the floor
Its screen was shattered
Its body was broken
I realized how much drunk I was last night
And I myself hit him and kick it out of my life.



READ THIS ONE TOO, it is about the feelings of our non so living things like BED, ALARM CLOCK,  A LIGHT BULB etc.

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