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Untitled poem about life

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, We come in this world alone but after that it depends on us if we want to live alone or with our family.

When I was about to born

I gave my mom so much pain

But finally I came in this bad world

And I was looking for a good name


I went to my home

And everybody was happy

I was playing on the floor

Just wearing my nappy


I grow up a little

And I went to school

The first day was not good

And few bad people made me fool


I turned 16

I was in high school

I got a girlfriend

And I was feeling so cool


I got a job after college

I was earning in dollars

I still had my girlfriend

And I was sending her flowers


Then I got married

Life got totally changed

Now I had a picture of my family

Hanging on the wall and nicely framed


Time passed

And I became the boss

Business was more important now

And I was tensed about my loss


I didn’t know

What my kids are doing in life?

My wife was caring about me

But I never cared my wife


Then one day sitting in my office

Looking at the picture of my family

I looked at my parents

Who were no more

I looked at my wife

Wished to meet her in some shopping store

I came in this world all alone

And now after all these years I was still alone.

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