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Love and Grief

By: I am Nobody

Page 1, Once in your life, you will find your true love that will give you lessons you will never forget.

Once in our lives
we will learn how to truly Love someone,
It is so true and strong you will get hurt,
Until you'll find yourself alone, left with nothing, not even your soul.
And I have learned that when you Love,
It's not just about "Holding ON",
Sometimes you should also learn how to "Let GO"
So each other can GO ON with their normal lives.
And there's this one strong lesson I've learned in loving someone,
Don't find the missing 10% or 50% or 99% among others...
Because you might realize that the 1% your loved one has...
May be multiplied to hundreds or thousands, until it becomes 'Priceless'
Too much to say, too much lessons and mistakes to remember,
But these are the lessons that fate taught me...
I might be broken now but at least before I grow old,,
I experienced the essence of being hurt, disgraced & left...
I may lack God in some part of my life..
but I have proved that everyone can be gone and leave us
but not Him, though we have sinned a lot.
I thank God for He is the only one who can truly understand each one of us...
For the person I have hurt,
He may be angry with me forever, or even til the next life
My greatest apology, evil has triumphed over me...
And to you I say my most sincere "Thank You So Much"
for touching my all means.

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