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Danger of words

By: Ian Dawn

Page 1, It is a homage to all those of us that have been hurt by a simple word or misplaced sentence. Thanks to a fellow booksie writer who inspired this as I wrote a comment on a poem.

Words cut deeper than the knife we wield,

 They will often break thru our emotional shield.


Why bother to use a weapon from the start,

When a well placed word will break my heart.


A wound will heal in time so they say,

But a verbal dagger cut will never go away.


Why choose a bullet to destroy my brain,

When a well chosen word, will drive me insane.


How can I love you when your words besiege?

Deeper than any sword or knife could reach.


Even tho nothing of what you say is real,

Try as I might these wounds will just not heal.


So it is with survival in mind that I must say

You need to leave me to die and go away

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