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By: Ian Dawn

Page 1, Another of my old works from 1980 I wrote this after having this very dream. Or was it!

It all started when I closed my eye,

The darkness, the cold, and the night.

I knew you were near, I could feel your presence,

As your silhouette moves, like a stalking cat,

And your black eyes swirl like liquid night.


I was scared, but not frightened,

I felt like panicking, but stayed calm.

I took all of these emotions into account.

Then rolled on my side and closed my eyes.

But you were still there.


It felt like hours you were there,

I could feel your cold breath on my cheek.

I dare not move to show you I know.

So I lay still like a statue, I peek,

And I can see you clearly now.


Your arm about to plunge into my flash,

The weapon glistened in the darkness

Its coming closer.......... closer......,

Its in my body, its here! I scream!

Wake up! Light on: my god what a dream

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