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Hey Fatso!

By: Ian Dawn

Page 1, This was my life growing up and I hated every second of it but you know it does make you stronger but as you all can read it also changes you inside. you are strong but insular, loud but silent, and the life of the party but blend in with the crowd.

Hey Fatso!

Is what I hear in my dreams

My twilight nightmares

When I awaken with screams


Hey Fatso!

You can’t be part of our team

Coz you’re too disgusting

And your pants bulge at the seam


Hey Fatso!

Why don’t you just go and die!

My tormentors did say

As I tried to smile and live a lie


Hey Fatso!

You’re never ever going to get laid

They screamed at me from afar

So home I went and my room I stayed


Hey Fatso!

Are you looking at me!

I am far too pretty.

For your eyes to see!


Hey Fatso!

Is that you hanging from a tree?

So you found a rope

To hold your weight I see.


Hey where is Fatso?

Who? Oh you mean what’s his name

He hung himself yesterday

Took himself out of the game.


Hey where is Graeme?

He passed the other day

Sick of the taunts and jibes

He could no longer stay



That’s so sad I will shed a tear

He had so much to say

But now no-one will ever hear

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