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Jack be Quick_

By: Ian Dawn

Page 1, This si a little Nursery rhyme mash up I was inspired to do by reading my friend Murnits latest and I just could not stop. the darkness of teh old rhymes is apparent and if you go to Wiki you can see why. some of the old nursery rhymes were meant to scare us as kids!

Jack be nimble,

Run jack as fast as you can


 Because you need to escape the muffin man!

The muffin man!

Yes the muffin man, he lives on Drury lane.

Jack be quick,

Run Jack don’t lag behind

He’ll take your down below

Where he bakes all night

The ovens white hot and aglow

Where little Jack Horner

Sits in his corner

Sharpening his blade upon a stone.

Saying over and over to himself

What I good boy am I!

Jack jump over the fence and run

Or you will be removing Horner’s thumb

But on it will not sit a plumb

It will be your heart that beats one last time

By the light of but one single source

The candlestick

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