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Lifes Plan

By: Ian Dawn

Page 1, This is what happens when you over think life

Life is all around you and where do you start

It’s all mapped out you say, as I stare at the chart.


Where is the fun you promised along the way?

The fun of living I should have every day


You lied to me as I believed every single word

I did my best but you never let me be heard


So now I am in the twilight of my years

And all I have are these dried up tears


Nothing to show for my struggles and toil

But hate and frustration that makes my blood boil


And now all I have in this wrinkled shell is hate

Pent up frustration because it’s all too late


I wish I had never listened to you from day one

But it’s too late now my life is all but done


What I can do is enjoy my time and have fun

To see you suffer as I run with my face to the sun


No be gone with you and retreat back inside

And let me enjoy the freedom of my mind

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