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The Imagery of Hell

By: Ian Dawn

Page 1, Some symbolic words to transend hell.

What passes as sky, a fetid mosaic of fire and gore.

That greets, as you vaporise thru a blackened door.


A blanket of choking ash from discarded dreams and despair

A carcinogenic mix of discarded souls, that passes as air.


Blood soaked barrens, seething with lust and uncontrolled mirth

Passing for what should be a firm underfoot of gods given earth.


Mountains of sinew and bone writhe a morbid dance of un-death

Enticing soulless creatures into cavernous, bile filled depths.


Unearthly Beasts with no visible eyes and fang filled maw

Guard the dark citadel of the all menacing Lord!


His vile presence causing mortal blood to boil and madness to transcend

Like vitriolic evil fog formed tendrils that are used for your life to end.

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