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x_Three Words_x

By: Ian Dawn

Page 1, The special three words


The Words “I Love you” are a sacred bond,

A heartfelt feeling of a special tryst

For two people that very rarely comes along.


It’s easy to say with only the shortest breath.

And can go on forever and ever,

Until both parties leave this plane in death


But be careful it has significant meaning in life.

And to say it without really thinking

Can so very often end in tears trouble and strife


For to give your heart, nee say your soul

To another human being at all!

Is life’s greatest and most rewarding goal.


Sometimes we pass and never utter the word

For fear of a challenge or worse

For fear they will fly away swiftly, as a bird


But to never utter the words come thrice

Is to never experience this wonderful world

To gamble, closed eyes and throw the dice.


The rewards are amazing and come each day

With a kiss on the cheek

Or a night filled with unbridled passion and play

So don’t be scared or even afraid and do as I do

Lean over right now to that special someone

And repeat these three words “I Love You”

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