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Page 1, The poem is about our life. What is life and what can we do with it. The example made it quite simple to understand. you will find it enjoyable.


Three clouds were floating in the sky;
And the one who saw them was I.
Each one varied in colour and size;
All had different gifts and prize.
I was gazing when one of them falls;
And brought with him small water balls.
All the children went out of their houses;
And there faces were red as roses.
When the first ended the second one falls;
And brought with him small white balls.
Everybody was enjoying the snow;
They said, there is much more to know.
I was leaving when the last one falls;
It brought with him a giant ball.
It was neither rain nor snow;
It fell on earth like a blow.
And after that the disaster struck;
Everybody there mysteriously died.
Life is like a cloud said a man;
Which we can change into storm,snow or rain.

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