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The mirror lies

By: Imagine Words

Page 1, what is the point of mirrors they cant show true beauty, just been yourself is enough to know your perfect

Looking at the pieces in the mirror

why is it her that i fear

she stares at me with eyes so fierce

i touch the glass that smashes

my skin is now pierced

against the floor my blood crashes

Watching as it drips and drips

I look at my arm to see what has happened

Skin tore with a red line

everything suddenly gets blury but im fine

pick up the pieces from the floor

i see my reflection and cant take this no more

covering my wound with a towel

I fall to my knees and let out a howl

The pain increases it hurts so much

this pain it hurts to touch

looking at the glass that stares at me

what is it with her? who is she?

Sweep the pieces up I lock them away

and in the trash, there the glass memories of me shall stay

its just something i cant trust

who needs a mirror i started to cuss

A mirror cant show true beauty

what was the purpose of it? what was its duty?

all i need to know is i am perfect the way i am

No one can change me, not even i can

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