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An Anorexic Warning

By: Indie Skreet

Page 1, I wrote this after a comment made by someone I imagine is quite young, re my poem \'We Won\'t Eat\'. I hope she sees it, not that I expect it to make any difference, but one has to try.

If you choose not to eat

Be warned of what’s ahead

Imagine lifelong treat

Amidst the living dead.

Your belly will inflate

You’ll see that you are fat

The truth I should state:

Tummy’s are not flat

You’ll find the only fit

Will be children’s attire

Be confused as you sit

Because of faulty wire

Your nails will fail to grow

Your hair will shred in clumps

Your movement will be slow

Each ride fulfilled with bumps

You’ll want to be a mother

You may think you will not

But take it from another

Time changes future plot

Starvation and fertility

Are emphatically no match

Will hinder your ability

For prospective eggs to hatch

Your mind will be affected

You’ll learn how to lie

So try to be reflective

Unless you want to die.

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