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Immodest Modesty

By: Indie Skreet

Page 1, So glad my identity is hidden! Not sure how good I am on sex (well know I\'m great;)but when it comes to writing? If you choose to look, would appreciate a comment, critical or otherwise. ps, wasn\'t my idea to write on this subject!

He smiled at my modesty

But not for too long

As I joined the odyssey

And found I belong

He teased me with small flickers

From his skilful tongue

And fingered my silk knickers

Come had just begun

Expelled spittle on my clit

To lubricate me more

And then he sucked, kissed and bit

And enjoyed the full tour

He pleaded to watch

Me pleasure myself

To take up a notch

And make myself yelp

He then took me to a place

Where my dreams were sweet

With a satisfying taste

And shared cream feast

He finished what he started

But I was still ablaze

He left me broken hearted

And not a passing phase

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