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a woman's secret cry

By: innovative230

Page 1, a womans world is a glorios but tough world



I am tired,

I’m physically and emotionally tired,

The weight of this world has worn me out.


I always have to work,

 In the mornings, in the evenings even at nights I have to work,

Even while I sleep my mind is still at work.

There seem to be no rest in a woman’s world.


I envy being young and able to sit back relax and daydream,

of winning the lottery and living happy and free.

But, because I have become a woman, a mother, and a wife,

The expectations of me reign very high.



I have been forced to lie,

by not reacting to the burdens of life.

I am expected to smile even when I really want to cry,

It is the reality of my existence as a woman in this life.



Yes it has its perks,

There are glory days in a woman’s world.

But the truth is OVERTIME, it wears you out

And leaves you drained of life


But there is nothing to do but hold on tight,

Because only death can end a woman’s duties in life,

And while the duties are hard at times-

I still which to live not die.





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