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Dream Chaser...

By: ItsNaomiHun

Page 1, A motivational poem!!!

Dream Chaser

I use to be a dreamer,use to dream about the day I'll get bigger. Now I feel I'm on the ladder of a winner, I'm climbing up because the top is the spot of a leader.

I've got dreams, but I'm a dream chaser. Life is full risk,but I'm a risk taker. They try to block my way but I am a brick breaker and they gave me just a plot but I'm taking an acre.

Life is a race, so my dreams I'll chase. Leave my footprints on the ground,so that others can trace. Write my name on the wall, so my name won't fade. And my name will stay on lips in every place and space for ages.

So if you are still dreaming better wake up,and if your face is down better stand and put your face up. Because life is no joke,matter of fact its a face off. Life is a competition and winning is the way up.

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