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I'll Never Know...

By: ItsNaomiHun

Page 1, An old poem about me and an ex-boyfriend...

Sometimes, I imagine us falling apart. So that I can get myself ready for what's already coming. Maybe friends were meant to be friends. And you were never meant to be more to me. I wish that you talked more to me. Like the night we stayed up all night playing games and eating popcorn and just talking to eachother. I wish you understood that I will always be there. No matter how catastrophic the situation. Because that's the type of girl I am. I was raised to stick around through the tough times and the bad times through the times that bring tears and the moments that really hurt the most...all the way through the rainy days until the sun comes out to toast again. I wish you knew that you could tell me anything and it would be way better than moping in that corner like you do. I know a lot is bothering you, I wish I knew I wish you'd talk to me. Tell me what nightmares haunt you. But you will never understand so we just sit inside a dark room with a single tv playing me on one side and you on the other. With your head held low just thinking like I know you do...about the troubling things that bother you.  And I will never know.

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