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Like Fireflies Do

By: ItsNaomiHun

Page 1, An inspirational and motivational poem about me!!

Fireflies are my role models, they are the only living beings I've seen. That even in the midst of darkness, still manage to shine and fly. I've searched high & low, I found glow worms but it seems they were only meant to glow, & they only know of crawling because they've lost all hope. & Yes of course I've found a variety of fish that can light up the deepest dark of the ocean blue, but it always seemed to me that they were drowning. That they swam in their abyss because they felt they had nothing left to do. That the water was their prison, made from bars they couldn't break through. I don't ever want to be the hopeless chap dragging my face across the pavement with no faith in a better tomorrow, Nor do I ever want to be the sorry fellow drowning in the tears of his own sorrow. I'll sprout my firefly wings, & soar all the way up to my goals. Be Successful. & Shine like fireflies do. I promise you mom I'll find the highest bar you set & set it higher for you. I'll never stop attempting to grow up & be that daughter you are proud to have grew! I will work until I'm dead and my light dims out, for you! I will leave a legend in my footsteps so my daughter can follow the path of a firefly too! So when I finally leave this earth and move on to something new. I don't want anyone to cry, this is what fireflies do.

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