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For my Grandfather

By: J Christopher Bartley

Page 1, a poem for my grandfather who passed away

Time, they say

For no man waits.

For every soul

from small to great.


Six months have passed

since you've been gone.

To join the lord's

celestial home.


Old man,

I think of you each day.

I miss your humble

country ways.


A simple man

who worked the dirt

He loved to give

He loved the earth.


He farmed his crops

to give away

For those in need

for those, he prayed


Not wealthy by

the social plan.

But rich in love

for fellow man.


To those who focus

on his flaws.

You did not know

this man at all.


The kindness in his

crystal eyes.

A friendly smile

and words, so wise.


I hope you're there

by heaven's door.

Until the day

we meet once more.





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