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After Images of her

By: Jace

Page 1, Bored in class

Once she was beautiful, lovable, happy
Once she was brilliant, talented, love
Had the whole race upon her fingers
All her life lifted far above

Wasn't her father's death that killed her
Wasn't her brother's snaps and growls
Lost to her self abomination
Drowned in the wallows of self doubt

Til her world crumbled all around her
Leaving her crushed upon the ground
Traces of life remain as whispers
Leaving her cold lips without a sound

Her memory fades now like a rainbow
Lost in the heat of a cruel drought 
Eyes glazed over from pain in her vessels
Silent now from soul given out

Now she is laughable, sorrowful, sullen
Now she is foolish, pitiful, gone
Nothing but mistakes left to haunt her
After image remnants from the sun

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