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diamond- Love Hurts

By: jack diamond

Page 1, this is basicly about me fighting with my ex-girlfriend. Please note before you read this poem, it has the

She never tells me where she's going

I'm so fucking sick of never knowing

she acts like someone with somthing to hide

by simple rules she can never abide

she says "I'm just going out to see a friend"

this looks to me like the begining of the end

whether she's cheating

or whether she's not

she sure likes to keep these secrets a lot

"the bottle never goes away"

is somthing that my father would say

she runs to drugs

and won't talk to me

for this I might just set her free

I can't take the frustration

of this woman so cold

her childish act

grows so old

all the times that she gets high

makes me want to say goodbye

but I cannot do it

I care for her so

why she treats me this way

I'll never know

I need to end this

please show me how

but I wonder





who will love me now?

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