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Diamond- That's Life

By: jack diamond

Page 1, Just moved out on my own... not nearly as fun as I thought it will be. coming off of really long stint of writer\'s block so go easyon me... or not.

The water is getting colder

The world is getting real

Welcome to your life son

doesn't matter how you feel

So is it all you asked for?

Does it live up to your dream?

Open wide and love it son

This bitter taste beneath the cream

The blurry veil is lifting now

It's time to start to live

Worn out words and false remorse

Is all that we can give

You MIGHT just be so special

You MIGHT be all you dream

Your falce nieve pretences

Are breaking at the seam

No one can offer answers

That's because no one knows

Believe whatever helps you son

And know that your age shows

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