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By: jack diamond

Page 1, This poem took me almost an hour to write. Writer\'s block sucks so bad!

Before you read this poem you might want to know that it contains the "F" word, and the "D" word. If you are offended by the "F" word, or the "D" word don't tell me that, just don't read the "Fing" poem!

I can try to explain the way I feel

Confusion in my heart is just too real

I’m scared to live now

To try again

Far more scared

Than I’ve ever been

I’m so confused!

I’m happy, I’m sad


I’m lonely, I'm mad

I’m a nervous wreck

I’m so damn flustered

I can’t even write this FUCKING POEM!!

Maybe my rhyme

Will come back in time

Only time can tell

This feels like hell

Now I’ve broken more

Than just one heart

Emotions tear my soul apart

If you are looking to me

Look away

For now from relationships

I go astray

Leave my heart alone

Leave me to myself

My love life now stays

Up on the shelf

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