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By: jack diamond

Page 1, a poem I wrote in 7th grade

Outside I’m happy

Always jolly

Inside I’m sporting melancholy

Cause deep inside there is a face

One which I can not erase

It’s always rain and dark you see

I never have lucidity

There never was a place to run

They taunt me always

Just for fun

It pains me that it's safe to say

These faces will not go away

They always linger always stay

While daddy drinks his life away

To mention it is profanity

What happened to my family

I treat it like there's nothing wrong

Contradicting my sad song

I make people laugh while I joke and play

Trying to push those faces away

But they push back just as hard

Assuring that my path is barred

Can’t move forward

Can’t move back

Stuck in a world

Forever black

I fight these faces everyday

But they simply will not go away

It’s depressing and very tiring

But I dare not dream of retiring

To lose this battle means the worst

I’ll wind up riding in a hearse

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