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Children, My Heart

By: JBrewer

Page 1, For my children.

I know sometimes you wonder if I miss you,
or even if I love you at all.
I know that I never send you any letters,
and it's been awhile for a call.

I know that I don't get to visit very often,
and you wonder where I've been.
I know you wish I would come see you,
I will, I just don't know when.

I know I didn't get to call you again today,
but you never leave my mind.
I know there is so much that I need to do,
but the time is so hard to find.

I know that you say I don't think about you,
but I do, every single day.
It's what keeps me going, from job to job,
I think about you along the way.

I know I didn't call you once again today,
but for me it's all the same.
I have been awake for over thirty hours,
I barely know my own name.

I know another day has come and gone,
I haven't even sent a text.
Just know that you are always on my mind,
as I wonder when I'll sleep next.

I know that it's been such a long while now,
these tears are meant for you.
Just know that I love you guys more than life,
I just hope you still love me too.

by: Jeremy Brewer

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