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Slowly Drowning Version 1

By: JBrewer

Page 1, I wrote 2 versions of this trying to get it just right. Still not sure if I am happy with it, I may have to try again.


It shudders,
I know it's coming.
Thin ice, I hate walking on you. 
I can feel it cracking,
breaking apart. 
It shatters,
I can feel it now. 
Thin ice, nothing you can do. 
You've fallen to pieces,
you have frozen my heart. 
It Freezes, 
I gasp for breath. 
Cold water, tears at my chest. 
I choke, no yell, 
I panic, I can't scream.
It Destroys, 
I close my eyes. 
Cold water, lays me to rest. 
I remember you, 
In all my thoughts, in every dream. 
My heart stops,
I'm drowning,
I'm drowning,
That's how I know it's love, 
because my heart's been calling for you. 
By: Jeremy Brewer
Poetry Embrace

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