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Stranger by JB

By: JBrewer

Page 1, This is about a man that has been through a lot and doesn\'t know much more than pain and despair.


Every time I pass that way,
I see him standing there.
There's an empty look upon his face,
those lonely eyes are in a stare.
He never seems to leave that place,
never loses the look in his eyes.
He's always standing there full of pain,
forever hurting until he dies. 
I begin to wonder why he stays,
and never tries to leave that place.
Always hurting and forever lost,
though it never shows on his face.
I seen him crying one rainy night,
he was standing there all alone.
I couldn't hear the words he spoke,
but the pain on his face really shown.
Now as I look back into those eyes,
and he's staring straight at me.
I slowly wipe the steam from the mirror,
so that his pain, I can see.
But now as I start to walk away,
our eyes meet one last time. 
And as I'm turning off the light, 
I know there's no mountain he can't climb.
By: Jeremy Brewer
Poetry Embrace

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