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A Drunken Historian Rewrites History

By: Jennifer Brighton

Page 1, To the Drunken Historian and His Lover, Cirrhosis...

To the Drunken Historian and His Lover, Cirrhosis...: 

I am altogether convinced that it is entirely possible to rewrite history, 
For you have done it quite well. 
An utterance of my name doesn't curse you with thought. 
You have forgotten me. 

The contents of your history book are ragged and torn... 
Pages stick together; 
Script lusts for color; 
Vividly colored pictures fade... 
Why have you handled such precious documents so recklessly?

I remember how you cared, once, about the beautiful tragedy that was almost "You and I..." 

But now, we don't speak of such things-- 
Such emotion... 
Such ancient feelings; 
You've rewritten your romantic history, 
And I'm not even a footnote in it!

I've been blotted out with a messy pen,

By a drunken historian. 



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