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Confidence to Conquer the World

By: Jhec Consolacion

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I was born undress of my mother earth

Without knowing something even in a single thing

I raised up with love & affirmation

'Till I know how important a simple things on my own.


Then the time came I felt the whole world was mourning

My loving mother passed away & left us home

I asked the father, "Why she leaves alone?"

He responded, "Only God knows the reason".


My future looks more hopeful as I started to school

I cognize this is the first step to reach my goal

Whatever befall, I want to sacrifice

I know that someday I'll have my prize.


At the midpoint of my elementary grade

With confidence... mission was made

To be a God servant when I reach teen age

And courage to study hard in order to succeed.


Time after time I then realized

How wonderful my life with the presence of Christ

My heart fell with joy when I achieved my mission

And God is my aspiration, whatever my determination.


Too many times I've been knocked down

Lots of people pulled me to the ground

Too many times I've been crying

When my desire is to stand coz I knew who am I inside


Many times I put to the test

To endure is simply what I wished

 Faith in God is my secret weapon

To face all this sacrifices I suffered alone.


My life is full of mystery...

Only my heart whispered to be wise is "To Be Me!"

God is my strong point & inspiration...

He gave me confidence to conquer around

That's why still I am here standing in my own!

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