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Dear little hands and little feat.

By: JiDonnelly

Page 1, all my life i have wanted to be a mummy i believe it is the most natural thing a woman can do in her life and is the most beautiful gift they can find. im not selfish enough to bring a child into the world while im still young and struggling myself i have a implant to stop that from happening, but it is my biggest dream and does mean alot to me, i wrote this in anger for those who believe i would be a terrible mother.

Dear little hands and little feat

now you are in my world my world is complete

a letter to bright eyes just to say

how grateful i am you're here today

nine months you're walls were my tummy

now you are here im proud to be called mummy

my gorgeous little baby is what you are

whatever happens i wont be far

I wont stand to see you sad

I wont tolerate to see you cry

I wont stand to see you mad

I promise im really going to try

I will be there every step you take

I will be there for every mistake you may make

To my beautiful daughter you are my world

i love you to bits my precious little girl

so dont you forget toots when you're older

where mummy is when the worlds on you're shoulder

so whatever happens know where to come

dont panic or cry baby

come get mum.

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