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Poem: Release the Songbird in Me

By: jjbreunig3

Page 1, A Christian poem of faith.

O my Lord of mercy and grace -
I desire to write more spiritual verse,
while flying on your notes of blessings
and overcoming Mankind’s sin curse.

My heart’s singing of your joy,
as You feed me by Your hand
the fullness of Thy melodic Word;
thus enabling… my ability to understand.

O Lord, give flight to my words
while I’m attuned to Your Spirit –
May Your message reach weary souls
and empower them with a Heavenly lift.

Allow me to rest in Your Presence,
nestled amid the branches of Life’s Tree,
as I strive to perfect my voice.
Please Lord; release the songbird in me.

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Author Note:

Special thanks go to Jay DuPaul, for his words of encouragement.

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