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I need an anthem

By: jmurch

Page 1, My family has struggled since a house fire. Recovery has been a chanllenge, but we still have music. In my mind, this is me thanking the guitar riff, the voice, and the heart of the songwriter. To all musicians, my family needs you. It is your mind which is helping us heal.

I need an anthem

to breathe strength into the night

as it sends adrenaline on track to my heart…


I need a blues song,

but I need a song of blue like a Picasso brushstroke

to mimic the harlequin hiding behind a guitar in the smoke cloud of tomorrow…


I need a rock song

to blind the thunder in my mind

of thoughts crushing my lungs with the weight of the world…


I need a country song

to remind me that dirt roads travel forever

to cornfields with nowhere to laugh…


I need to hear a love song

to remind me

that love does exist somewhere between a dance and a kiss…


I need a sad song

to show me that there are ruins

far worse than my eyes have screamed sorrow…


Mostly, though, I just need a song….

I need the wind to carry a whisper of it to my ears.

Can you sing?

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