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The Movie In My Head

By: Jonathen Baker

Page 1, Because every time before i see her i plan out what i wish would happen.

(april 6)

She’ll read it

She’ll smile

She’ll realize it’s true

She’ll kiss me

I’ll smile

End Scene

That’s what the movie in my head tells me will happen

But it’s broken

It’s never right

Things aren’t ever like that

Maybe because life isn’t a movie?

It’s a twisted, destructive tale that never ends how you want it to


She read it

That much was right

She frowned

She shook her head

She turned to me


She asked

And then the scene was over

And I was alone

End Scene

End Chapter

End Life?

If only

I’m not strong enough for that

I’m weak

And so I will go on living

The movie will play

This dark tail of misery and despair

The next scene will be right though

He’ll get the girl

That scene won’t end in misery


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