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The World's Greatest Weight

By: Jonathen Baker

Page 1, Sometimes it\'s all too much to bear.



Darkness penetrates the soul

Memories haunt

Feelings burn inside me

The empty streets seem so full now

 My mind fills them with people

People I’ve wronged

People I’ve hated

People I’ve loved

Person I loved

It seems heave

The darkness

It weighs on my heart

I feel like the great Atlas

Sentenced to hold the world forever

The constant pressure

It would be so easy to give in

Les myself be crushed by the forces beyond my control

Why will no one share my burden?

Another friendly soul who cares?

There is none

How selfish the people of the world are

When I give them so much and they give me so little

To reciprocate my emotions is all I ever asked


Supposed to fill you up

But now I feel empty

The greatest weight one can bear

Greater than the world

Is an empty heart

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