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11.5 t .5 = 12

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, Visions of a 12 years young girl.

11.5 + .5 = 12

How is it...the math is wrong?


Got you on the run

Blow the candles, fragile to handle,

But, not your fault!

Like melting butter...what an ordeal!

Pepper...Where's the salt?

See you, needy, greedy, meet-ee,

All is in your...Head!

From China, greetings, O' lead,

I wanted to feel, you wanted

To gun!

And you ran...a second to none!



I have created a clone,

From bright,shinny...Sun!

Greed, is what you be!

Need...Flowing as I bleed,

Tell me....How to stand?

By: Juli Monat

Copyright (c) 2012



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