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By: Juli Monat

Page 1, Like always I have no clue of what is all about. Figure it out, and let know.



Noble as a donkey, pragmatic


Eating hay, hates mathematic

Noble as a donkey

Double fake

Funky, grass, meet your mass


Creature, is your nature to be

Is to see

Donkey, clarify this, are you free?

Like the wind and

The sea?


You lost your C, donkey-B

But I found

Your key, let’s run like a

Wild bunch

You and I, one sky to fly.


By: Monat


Copyright © 2012





















Retired-no Desired


It’s not the way that I’m a retiree

My misery, the mystery

Of being in history

I can’t say


What a big grey-day


Retire means no more tire

Lots of places

To go, no money to flow

Feeding fishes

With apple and cream

So is my dream


Who told you to move?

You’re out

From this groove, sucker

It’s your money

Or you die

Veins and blocker, all I have

Is my old foot locker.


By: Monat


Copyright © 2012








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